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Our Valued Clients

Current & Past

We are a young company, but Mingzulu has already worked with leading businesses from Middle East, UK & Europe helping them to set up new ventures, deliver complex projects and mature their businesses with board level advisory & NED services. We work together with our clients, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations to gain a complete understanding of their vision and needs.


A sample of who we’ve partnered with to date can be seen below. 

Bringing Disruption To The Transport Sector

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, also known as HyperloopTT, is an American research company formed using a crowd collaboration approach (a mix of team collaboration and crowdsourcing) to develop around the world commercial transportation systems based on the Hyperloop concept.

The concept of the Hyperloop was popularized in 2013 by Elon Musk, not affiliated with HyperloopTT. The project was to develop a high speed, intercity transporter using a low pressure tube train which would reach a top speed of 800 miles per hour (1,300 km/h) with a yearly capacity of 15 million passengers.

Hyperloop TT recently in collaboration with the Italian Government and a leading consortium have announced the first major global project thats taking this concept to reality. Mingzulu will work closely with the Hyperloop TT leadership to activate in the Middle East.

The Carbon Credit Platform Accelerating Clean Tech

First Carbon Investments is a unique platform that accelerates clean-tech by providing streaming and royalty financing for new categories of carbon credits. Adapted from long standing purchase-and-resale models developed for mineral production, our specialist contract models support buyers' early purchases of green fuels, which can cost around 170% of the fossil fuels they replace.

In 2024, over $200bn will be committed to clean-tech projects developing the next generation of fuels like hydrogen, ammonia, and biofuels. New categories of carbon credits are generated at the point of use, with CO2 emissions removed from the likes of power stations, steel production, and shipping.

Mingzulu are proud to support FCI's B2I & Middle East expansion objectives in 2024+.

Strategy & Leadership

Enabling every company to become a Fintech by embedding financial services into apps and products. 
Fintech Galaxy uses Open APIs to enable embedded finance which provides financial institutions (FI's) and non FI's with access to a large customer base, improves the customer experience, facilitates data sharing, and drives innovation and agility. 

Our Testimonials Do the Talking

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Martin Ewart

Chairman, Taranta Group

Grant is a very client focussed leader. He works hard to deeply understand what the real need is, and brings the client voice into his organisation to drive the right response. He is a natural coach, builds performing teams and builds trust with those he works with.

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