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Management Consulting | Board Advisory | NED Placement & Connecting Businesses To The Right Investors (B2I)

At Mingzulu, we focus on making the experience with every founder team and enterprise business we support extraordinary, advising leading Financial Services & Disruptive Technology sector businesses on maximising their growth ambitions, which is underpinned by connecting Business to Investors in what we call B2I. We are solely focused on enabling  businesses to thrive and grow, enabling your organisational ecosystem to be successful.  


Connecting Businesses to Investors (B2I)

Connecting entrepreneurs  to funding & investors to high quality businesses - supported by robust due diligence

Throughout our collective engagement with the market we at Mingzulu see an increasing need for funding by growth stage founders & scale enterprise companies building market leading companies.

We equally engage on a regular basis with Venture Capital, Sovereign Wealth, Asset Management, Private Equity & Family Office firms across the Middle East & European markets who are seeking the right target investments, in addition to providing NED and board advisory services.


At Mingzulu we bring the two sides together, conducting due diligence with the support of our Pioneer's & partner firms, evaluating founding companies and product capability to confirm all facts, such as reviewing strategy, market potential, financials, contracts, client track record, product vision, technology, process & critically the people (founder and leadership team). We're massive believers in effective due diligence reducing risk by verifying the information provided and identifying any potential problems or red flags, better equipping us to support business leaders & engage the investor community with a clear value proposition.

When a partner investor decides to engage with a Mingzulu supported business venture, we also have the breadth of experience to support the negotiations and terms of the investment, including the amount of funding, the ownership stake in the company, and any conditions or milestones that must be met.


In summary, we pride ourselves at Mingzulu in connecting founders & leaders of high growth companies with the right funding partner(s) able to help accelerate their business to the next stage of growth & success in the market. 


There are several qualities that make Mingzulu stand out from the crowd in the fields of Management Consulting, Board Advisory & Non Executive Director (NED) placement:

Through a combination of our Financial Services and Disruptive Technology sector expertise, strong industry relationships and simplifying and personalising how we do business makes Mingzulu a clear choice as your strategic business partner. Underpinned with our industry proven management consulting, board advisory and NED placement service, we are uniquely placed to both advise and execute to enable you to succeed and grow your business.


1) Expertise and experience: We have a deep understanding of financial services & disruptive technology sectors, both from a market landscape & strategy to execution perspective. Our skills cover:

  • Strategy & Board Advisory

  • NED placement

  • Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) & Corporate Venture Building (CVB)

  • ESG

  • Digital | Technology (incl. Web 3.0)

  • Payments

  • Enterprise wide transformation and delivery

  • Ecosystem collaboration and capital investments

2) Strong network and relationships: Mingzulu has strong C-suite / decision maker network and relationships across the Middle East, Europe and more broadly to connect companies with the best insights and expertise in the market.


3) Personalised approach: We take the time to understand the specific needs and goals of each client mandate and tailor our services to your unique needs accordingly.

4) Transparent process: We pride ourselves in being transparent and simplifying how we do business. Its all about win-win and our process and success based fee model clearly map to the steps involved to achieve the best outcome for your business.

5) Customer first: We put our customers first and being responsive to client needs is one our core principles to ensure we are consistently exceeding your expectations on our quality of service.

Get in touch to to explore how we can support your goals.

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Financial Services & Disruptive Technology Ecosystem | Middle East

High Growth Potential Founders

High Growth Potential Founders

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Venture Capital, Family Offices, Private Equity & Asset Managers

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Leading Banking, Wealth & Asset Management and wider Disruptive Technology Enterprise Business

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