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Bolstering Our Pioneer Assembly With The Addition Of Bill Ashlock - FS Leader, Innovator & Coach.

Bill Ashlock is a financial service leader, innovator, and coach.  Bill combines the ability to understand individuals and businesses and endless curiosity with an ability to deconstruct complex business systems and share the discovery with others at all levels.  

The result is a distinctive mix of deep insight, collaborative engagement, and an innovation mindset that leads to accelerated results.

Bill’s life apprenticeship spans roles, areas, and disciplines.  Roles include cross-cultural leadership, coaching, mentoring, and subject leadership.  Ares of expertise include technology, product management, relationship management, operations, investment banking, and finance. Disciplines involve innovation, transformation, design, execution, advisory, and strategy.  His collaborative approach to success spans a range of roles that includes consulting, coaching, C-suite leadership, and as a Non-executive Board Member.  

Ashlock’s experiential lessons includes the following.

  • Successfully designing and delivering a de novo Cat1 corporate bank (cloud native, digital first). 

  • Leading and realising the goals of large-scale change programs, distributed ledgers, and fulfilling the demand for new financial service capabilities.

  • Collaborative innovation initiatives leveraging Web3 and Web2 technologies.

  • Designing and implementing transformative business models financial service propositions. 

Bill is recognised for his…..

  • Belief that success is defined by a humanity centric framework leading to improving relationships and social economic indicators.

  • Use of emerging blockchain technologies, digital ecosystems, and collaboration as a foundation for improved financial services.

  • Passion for sustainable innovation to improve financial services access, affordability, and inclusion for individuals and small and medium size enterprises.  

  • Holistic approach to solving social economic challenges through relevant financially inclusive propositions for SMEs and individuals.

  • Use of new tech and business models as catalysts for transformation and growth.

We're big believers at Mingzulu in empathy & being good humans when it comes to building our community and Bill's commitment to the cause includes engaged and upwardly moving employees, resilient client loyalty, improving capabilities and resiliency, and profitable business growth. He is an active mentor and coach with the Founder Institute with more than a decade of experience.  

Delighted to have Bill join our tribe as a Pioneer. Looking forward to collaborating with Bill and our community as we advance into 2024+.

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